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SWM Severn Tunnel junction & Fishguard Harbour Reciprocal view of bpm00650 frame East end of Stormy up goods loop 194 36 East 18-May-91 15.28

CAM Cardiff (Bute Road) & Merthyr Merthyr Goods sidings & Brandy Bridge signal box. The left-hand lines led to Plymouth St goods depôt and the Ynysfach branch. The severed siding running across the river bridge,  led to the Willows wireworks. In the distance can be seen the embankment carrying the lines to Ponsticill or Neath via Gelli Tarw junction. Brandy Bridge junction (also 0M-00C mileage) 23
SE July-1963  

MER Gelli Tarw junction & Merthyr Single line from Merthyr tunnel looking towards Merthyr and showing groundframe point rodding and single-throw trap in siding after branch closure. The gate locates the former Gethin branch which ran towards Cefn Coed North-east of east portal of Merthyr tunnel ~5 17 SW    

MER Gelli Tarw junction & Merthyr View looking towards Merthyr showing out-of-use double to single line junction to single line Merthyr branch and single Quakers' Yard & Merthyr (Abercanaid) branch South-west of Rhydycar Jct signal box 5

MER Gelli Tarw junction & Merthyr Stone-walled overbridge north-east of east portal of Merthyr tunnel Near site of former Merthyr tunnel loop junction ~4 78 SW    


CRY Coryton Headshunt at curtailed ex Cardiff railway line at Coryton. After the introduction of diesel multiple units in 1958, the headshunt was not used  Old A470 road overbridge, Coryton, Cardiff 2 58 East    

CRY Coryton Coryton halt as viewed from old A470 road overbridge. Run-around loop was still in situ but out of use after introduction of diesel multiple units Old A470 road overbridge, Coryton, Cardiff 2 58 West    

RAD Radyr Looking north-west from Fairwater Rd overbridge towards Radyr. The new City line Fairwater station is now located here Fairwater Rd overbridge, Cardiff 2 52 SE    

RAD Radyr Looking south-east towards Waun Gron and Leckwith from Fairwater Rd overbridge, Fairwater. The former Ely Paper Mills is seen in the distance Fairwater Rd overbridge, Cardiff 2 52 NW    

RAD Radyr Looking north towards the Warren where the new City line station known as Danescourt has been constructed A4119 Llantrisant Rd overbridge, south of new Danescourt station site and west of Llandaff 3 09 South    

SWM Severn Tunnel Jct & Fishguard Harbour Llantrisant station, east end, showing headshunt and siding for the former Cowbridge line (Aberthaw branch) B4270 Road overbridge at former Llantrisant station (Brynsadler-Pontyclun boundary) 181 31 West    

SWM Severn Tunnel Jct & Fishguard Harbour Former Llantrisant station layout showing start of the Aberthaw branch (for Cowbridge) the 0M-00C datum at the facing points. The Llantrisant East signal box is seen in the distance and the South Wales Main lines run straight ahead. The station was subsequently completely removed and later, new platforms constructed for the station now known as Pontyclun Former Llantrisant station (now Pontyclun) 181 32 East    

ATW Llantrisant Jct & Aberthaw Low Level View of junction at former Llanharry halt showing junction to Llanharry iron ore mine. This was originally a passenger & freight line and so the points bore a facing point lock. The 2-lever groundframe released by Annetts key, can be seen beyond the platform Former Llanharry halt 1 30.75 South    



BRY Cardiff (General) & Barry Pier New work, near Llandough sidings in preparation for abolition of single line bowspring bridge seen on left Ely river bridge 1 52 South 14-May-66 11.49

BRY Cardiff (General) & Barry Pier Basic re-alignment of up main, near Llandough sidings, in preparation for removal of bow string bridge over river Ely Ely river bridge 1 49 North 14-May-66 11.49

VOG Vale of Glamorgan Western diesel-hydraulic loco' and down passenger train on a diversion via the Vale of Glamorgan line Rhoose 3 18 West    

SWM Severn Tunnel Jct & Fishguard Harbour Station view from east end Road overbridge at east end of Bridgend station 190 37 East 20-Jun-64 14.03

SWM Severn Tunnel Jct & Fishguard Harbour Vale of Glamorgan line junction and signal box Bridgend East 190 37 West 20-Jun-64 14.04

CAM Cardiff (Bute Road) & Merthyr 7-doll signal gantry with loop line signals and route indicator Cathays     West 1963  

CAM Cardiff (Bute Road) & Merthyr Taffs Well station and Walnut Tree junction when fully operational. The double-line to the right was the main freight link for most of the Barry- and Cardiff-bound coal traffic from the Rhymney valley via Penrhos until closure and lifting by 1990. Occasionally that branch saw passenger traffic when engineering possessions took place for Caerphilly tunnel engineering maintenance Walnut Tree junction, Taffs Well 7

NAN Nantgarw Skew Bridge over old A471 road (Now removed) Glanyllyn 5 65.25 NW    

NAN Nantgarw Skew Bridge over old A471 road (Now removed) Glanyllyn 5 65.25 SE    


LTO Waterhall junction & Common Branch junction View of single line from road bridge (Line closed between here & Creigiau Quarry in 1964) Fairwater     West    

LTO Waterhall junction & Common Branch junction View of single line from road bridge (Line closed between here & Creigiau Quarry in 1964) Fairwater     East    

NAB Neath & Brecon View of station and track after closure Defynog & Sennybridge station 24 42 South    

NAB Neath & Brecon Looking towards Cray from a point just south of Devynock & Sennybridge station Defynog 24 22 North    

NAB Neath & Brecon View of single line after closure, looking towards Cray Cray/Defynog     North    

NAB Neath & Brecon View of single line after closure, looking towards Defynog Cray/Defynog     South    

VOG Vale of Glamorgan Barry Sidings layout when in full use A4050 St.Nicholas Road overbridge, Barry 0 16 North    

CAN Carmarthen & Newcastle Emlyn Unclassified  road bridge over lifted single line Newcastle Emlyn branch. The bridge adjoins the river Teifi road overbridge to the left of the photo and the camera point is at the former Pentrecwrt halt where the platform was on the right of the trackbed Trackbed at former Pentrecwrt halt between Henllan and Pencader 265 48 East    

MER Gelli Tarw junction & Merthyr South-west portal of 2497-yard Merthyr tunnel (From 3M-37C to 4M-01C) South-west portal of Merthyr tunnel 3 38.5 South    

MER Gelli Tarw junction & Merthyr Looking south-west from just inside west portal of Merthyr tunnel after closure of branch West portal of Merthyr tunnel     East    

VON Neath (General) & Pontypool Road Internal view from west portal of single line 703-yard Quakers' Yard tunnel (From 16M-09C to 16M-41C)  Quakers' Yard tunnel, west portal 16 39 East    

BRY Cardiff (General) & Barry Pier Permanent way layout immediately north of Cogan junction when remodelling of the permanent way had been commenced Between Cogan junction & Llandough signal boxes 2 20 East 14-May-66  
bpm00689.jpg     SPARE            

VOG Vale of Glamorgan 545-yard Porthkerry No.1 tunnel, east portal (From 0M-53C to 0M-77C) Barry Sidings 0 47 East    

BRY Cardiff (General) & Barry Pier South-west portal of 222-yard Cogan tunnel (From 2M-75C to 3M-05C) Between Eastbrook & Cogan (Camera at 3M-07C) 2

BRY Cardiff (General) & Barry Pier Overhead view of Cogan sidings signal box and junction of up & down main lines with relief lines. The down relief line was not used at this time and the down relief home signal had been removed. Its post is seen lying on the ballast beyond the down relief traps Above east end of Cogan tunnel 2 78 SW    

BAL Bridgend & Abergwynfi South portal of 1595-yard single-line Cymmer tunnel (From 10M-17C to 11M-10C). The far end is just visible Immediately north of former Caerau station (Camera st 10M-15.5C) 10
SE 20-Jun-64 15.09

RSB Rhondda & Swansea Bay South-west portal of single-line 3443-yard Rhondda tunnel (From 1M-45C to 3M-41C) showing down home signal and temporary speed restriction board (which became "permanent" due to subsidence in the tunnel). Cutting & portal now completely backfilled as is North-east end but drainage culvert exists at Blaenycwm end Immediately north-east of former Blaengwynfi station (Camera at 3M-43C) 1
SW 20-Jun-64 15.38

BAL Bridgend & Abergwynfi Cymmer sidings showing single line over Cymmer Viaduct (110-yards) to Glyncorrwg and single line to Cymmer Afan station & Treherbert. None of this system survives but the viaduct still stands although with no decking Hairpin road bend (A4117) over top of Cymmer tunnel, sealed north portal. 11 10 East 20-Jun-64 15.28

CAR Cardiff (Stonefield Jct) & Rhymney Up & down Rhymney lines with one down relief line after the up relief line had been lifted Just south of former Llanbradach viaduct, Energlyn 10 12 SE    

BRY Cardiff (General) & Barry Pier Double inside slip. Plan view on switch ends Barry Island East 8 75 North    

CRY Coryton View of Whitchurch station when double lines were still installed Whitchurch     SW    

AAM Ashchurch & Malvern Looking towards Tewkesbury from a point just east of the east portal of the Mythe tunnel, showing abandoned double line The Mythe, north of Tewkesbury 2 36 West    

PTN Peterston Abandoned Cutting (now filled in and fields commoned), remnant of the former Barry Railway single line link to Peterston from Drope junction on the Wenvoe-Pontypridd line Near St.Georges 1 37 West    
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