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Photo ELR Branch Subject Location M C Elev'n Date Time

Didcot & Chester  Crewe & Shrewsbury Arrangement of 6-doll gantry signal assembly with "call-on" arms and route indicators. Crewe junction, Shrewsbury station 171
South 13-Aug-65 12.30

BFC Bristol Temple Meads & Westbury 2-doll banner repeating bracket assembly. Note the white contrast area on the overbridge in advance of the signals, for sighting enhancement. This assembly was 262 yards to the rear of the home signals which it repeated. (This photo’ was taken from a train, at speed) 1140 yards east of Bathampton junction signal box 103 74 West 11-Aug-65 19.00


CTD Cadoxton South junction & Trehafod junction Trackbed and then still existing semaphore signal at inter-field access overbridge north of Cadoxton North yard. The cutting was later backfilled leaving the top sidewalls still exposed North-east of Coldbrook, (Cadoxton north yard) 0 61 South 30-Oct-66 11.20

MLN Bristol Temple Meads & Bridgwater 3-doll goods line bracket semaphore assembly Bristol West Depôt signal box 128 69 South 18-Aug-65 11.52

MLN Bristol Temple Meads & Bridgwater 6-doll ringed arm (Goods lines) gantry assembly with one GW 3ft arm replaced with 3ft BRWR arm Bristol West Depôt 128
North 18-Aug-65 11.35

MLN Swindon & Severn Tunnel junction 4-doll bracket signal assembly. 4ft & 3ft standard enamelled arms fitted. Note motored distant and no weights on assembly due to close proximity of signal box. Also note catwalk extension used as smoke deflectors and use of minimal under-bracing Swindon Station West signal box 77 32 East 15-Feb-64 15.10

BRY Cardiff (General) & Barry Pier Terminal & fuse switchboard with batteries & lead out, for signal & point repeaters, relays & telephone circuits Cadoxton Low Level junction signal box 6 28   ~01-Jan-63  

BRY Cardiff (General) & Barry Pier Permissive block instruments & bells with semaphore arm repeaters for Nos 1 & 2 dock lines between Graving Dock junction & Cadoxton Low Level junction Cadoxton Low Level junction signal box 6 28      

BRY Cardiff (General) & Barry Pier Up & down main absolute block apparatus and bells. The 'box switching out facility is situated between the two block bells Cadoxton Low Level junction signal box 6 28      

BRY Cardiff (General) & Barry Pier Interior view showing signal lever frame and instrument shelf (Note the chevroned, down line, black & white detonator placer lever). The up line detonator placer lever is partly visible towards the far end of the lever frame Cogan junction signal box 2 33      

BRY Cardiff (General) & Barry Pier Interior of feeder box showing trickle charging apparatus, fuses, ballast & terminals. Installed in conjunction with bringing into operation new Barry Island groundframes "A" & "B" Barry Island East 8 75 South 02-May-64 11.30

BRY Cardiff (General) & Barry Pier Interior view of new Barry Island groundframe "A" showing token release apparatus, telephone, electric lock plungers, interlocking levers, signal levers, point levers & facing point lock lever Barry Island groundframe "A" 8 74 North 02-May-64 11.38

BRY Cardiff (General) & Barry Pier Interior of feeder panel installed for alterations to layout at Barry Island and in conjunction with groundframe locking & instrumentation. Cabinet size is 59"×31"×15½" (site checked) Barry Island groundframe 8 75 South 02-May-64 11.31

BRY Cardiff (General) & Barry Pier Interior view of lever frame and shelf instruments at Barry Island East signal box Barry Island East signal box 8 74 West    

BRY Cardiff (General) & Barry Pier General view of lever frame, block instruments etc. at Cadoxton Low level junction signal box (after repainting). This signal box controlled many siding turnouts but not passenger traffic points so the absence of blue facing point lock levers will be noted. Most main line running signals were slotted with Cadoxton South signal box lever movements Cadoxton Low Level junction signal box 6 28      

SAW Speech House Road & Berkeley Road Including Coleford Branch (Severn & Wye Joint Line) Single line with derailment containment guard rails on stone viaduct approach to former Severn Railway bridge. Note the gas pipeline attached to the viaduct wall capstones. Note also part of the fouling bar in conjunction with the facing/trailing points to the rear of the camera point. The entire viaduct was demolished in June 1964 after severence in 1960 of some of the steel spans of the bridge (seen beyond) due to a petrol lighter collision in fog, the ensuing explosion and fire, causing collapse of two bridge spans, taking a gas main with it (River) Severn Railway bridge, arched-viaduct approach, west side, near Gatcombe, Glos. 5 34 West 28-Sep-63  

BRY Cardiff (General) & Barry Pier View of swing-nose crossing (elbows) in down main with trailing connection into up main, shown severed due to rationalisation of operations and closure of Nos.3&4 platforms at Cadoxton station. The clip and red padlock can be seen near the junction of the switch blades Cadoxton South signal box 6 04 SE    

BRY Cardiff (General) & Barry Pier Partial view of two-throw catch points showing ground disc & mechanical detection & also, insulated spacers in operation rodding & stretchers Barry Island East signal box 8 75 SE    

BRY Cardiff (General) & Barry Pier Double traps in single turnout, (track-circuited). Insulated stretchers are just perceptable Barry Island No.4 Platform 8 73 West 17-Apr-64 15.15

WNT Walnut Tree junction & Aber junction Close-up of facing-point lock and single-blade mechanical detection in a track-circuited section of permanent way. Note the three blades in the dectector, one from each switch blade and one from the facing-point lock Penrhos junction, north     East    

VOG Vale of Glamorgan Then, newly-installed motor-driven facing points  Aberthaw West, near Aberthaw Cement Works connection 5 27 East    

VOG Vale of Glamorgan Sprung trailing points, free-driven by traffic wheel flanges in trailing direction. Note insulated stretcher bars due to track-circuiting of rails Aberthaw West, near Aberthaw Cement Works connection 5 27 East    

VOG Vale of Glamorgan Motor-driven facing points with central facing-point lock Aberthaw West, near Aberthaw Cement Works connection 5 27 South    

BRY Cardiff (General) & Barry Pier Motor-driven facing turnout on curve, showing facing-point lock and operating rodding. Note the existance of Barry carriage shed in background where a heritage DMU is standing and also note the steam locos awaiting scrapping at the locoshed sidings on the right. The severe curves here are fitted with check rails over the entire length. A housing estate now occupies the carriage shed area South-west of Barry station at end of causeway section of line to Barry Island 8 30 SE 17-May-64 10.21

BRY Cardiff (General) & Barry Pier BRWR triple-disc assembly for backing movements in "wrong" direction. This unit replaced the former route-indicating backing semaphore which stood at the north end of platform 3 Cadoxton station 6 8.5 South 17-May-64 12.51

BRY Cardiff (General) & Barry Pier The then newly-installed BRWR 11½" diameter ground disc assembly fitted with proving contacts for electrically repeating the aspect of the disc at the signal box shelf repeater indicator Causeway section of line between Barry & Barry Island, west end 8 31 South 17-May-64 10.19

SWM Didcot & Reading 11½" diameter elevated disc assembly Didcot station 53 10 SW 18-Apr-64 11.35

BRY Cardiff (General) & Barry Pier Double-disc assembly with integral mechanical detection Down relief line, Llandough sidings 2 17 North    

MLN Bristol Temple Meads & Bath 11½" ground disc assembly which was operated by two separate signal boxes so that a slot was fitted and hence the inclusion of two separate electrical proving contacts in housings to the right of the pedestal. The cabling to the signal box repeaters is routed through the flexible conduit seen leaving the contact boxes and running into the ground. Note the track-circuit bonds in the bull head rail at the bottom left of photo’ Bristol, Eastern Depôt, River Avon Main Down viaduct (141 yards) 117 28 South 29-Aug-65 14.14

SWM Gloucester & Severn Tunnel junction 22" & 11½" elevated disc assembly with track-circuit indicators (white diamonds). One of the large discs is preserved and on display at the Dean Forest Railway, Norchard Museum, Lydney, Gloucestershire (2008) Gloucester Central station 114 09 NW    

CTD Cadoxton South junction & Trehafod junction BRWR double-disc assembly with separate detection and cubical lamp units Catch-pointed outlet from down sidings at Tonteg junction 12 15 North 1959  

CTD Cadoxton South junction & Trehafod junction BRWR single-disc assembly controlling crossover from down to up main and through which, traffic passed form the single line Llantrisant branch travelling towards Treforest junction Tonteg junction 12     5 30    26 South 1959  

VOG Vale of Glamorgan GWR 16" diameter ground disc on split pedestal with integral mechanical detection. The oil flame can be seen as lunar white as this disc did not carry a red STOP aspect Crossover from down to up main, adjacent to Rhoose cement works siding connection 3 21 SW    

CAM Cardiff (Bute Road) & Merthyr Layout of main and relief lines with crossovers, 3-way turnouts and a tandem turnout just visible (right) Radyr junction 5 27 NW 10-Apr-65 16.34



BRY Cardiff (General) & Barry Pier GWR square-bottomed ground disc with integral mechanical detection (This area is now a car park) Run-around crossover from No.1 platform, Barry station 8 15 East    

BRY Cardiff (General) & Barry Pier Run-round crossover from Bay platform (No.1) with GWR square-bottomed ground disc & integral mechanical detection. (Note the fouling bar just visible in the point rail). This area is now a car park Run-around crossover from No.1 platform, Barry station 8 16 South    

CTD Cadoxton South junction & Trehafod junction View of triple-pull mechanical detection at facing points. Line was track-circuited here and insulated rodding joints can be seen Tynycaeau junction 5      0 52     00 South 1960  

PRS Penrhos View of facing crossover with two-part fouling bar & showing ground disc for reversing movements Tynycaeau junction 5 54 East 1960  

CTD Cadoxton South junction & Trehafod junction View of double-pull mechanical detection in facing points Tynycaeau junction 5 52 South 1960  

BRY Cardiff (General) & Barry Pier Cogan junction and signal box showing elbows (swing-nose) crossing in down relief/up main when all permanent way was in use Windsor Rd overbridge Cogan station 2 37 South 1960  

PRS Penrhos Double single-blade traps in Penrhos sidings (Out-of use) Penrhos sidings 12 20 South 1960  

VOG Vale of Glamorgan Single-blade catch point, mechanical detection and split-pedestal ground disc (Black & white photo’) Up siding, Rhoose station 3 30 South 1961  

CTD Cadoxton South junction & Trehafod junction Permanent way layout just beyond facing junction from Wenvoe to Penrhos lines (A4232 Culverhouse Cross-M4 motorway link now occupies this site). This view highlights the gradient changes in the two branches Tynycaeau junction 5 58 SE 1960  


PRS Penrhos Permanent way and semaphore signals at commencement of Penrhos branch. (5.75mile-post visible on Cadoxton-Treforest line alongside bracket signal and at extreme edge of photo’ on Penrhos branch) North of Tynycaeau junction. (A4232 Culverhouse cross-M4 motorway link now passes to the left of this site) 5 59.5 SE 1961  

BRY Cardiff (General) & Barry Pier Arrangement of lever arm and adjustment turnbuckles for operation of swing-nose crossing at former Barry Dock signal box . Detection is located in the boxed housing. (Black & white photo’) In down main at Barry Dock signal box 7 07 West 1961  

BRY Cardiff (General) & Barry Pier View of swing-nose crossing (elbows) in down main. This was track-circuited so all tie rods, stretcher plates etc, were insulated from one another to prevent short-circuiting of the electrical circuit between rails South of Barry Dock signal box (Black & white photo’) 7 07 South 1961  

BRY Cardiff (General) & Barry Pier Full view of swing-nose crossing in down main, allowing passage of traffic from up main to up high level sidings South of Barry Dock signal box (Black & white photo’) 7 07 South 1961  


Photos 1001-1050


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