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Photos 901-950


Photo ELR Branch Subject Location M C Elev'n Date Time

MHD Minehead Down motored distant signal on specially-adapted short tubular mount East of Crowcombe Heathfield station, Somerset 171 ~66 East    

CAM Cardiff (Bute Road) & Merthyr Worked distant signal in ‘proceed at speed’ and fitted with sighting enhancing quadrant (Up relief distant for Taffs Well Siding signal box) South of former A470 (now A4054) road overbridge between Taffs Well and Glanyllyn 7 57.5 SE 21-Jun-64 15.25


BRY Cardiff (General) & Barry Pier 3-doll bracket signal assembly up main & permanent caution arm, up main to down line, up main & permanent caution arm, to Barry station platform 4 line. Also permanent speed restriction indicator and track circuit indicator attached Barry junction (Up 'Homes') from Barry Island 8 22 East 09-Feb-64 11.20

BRY Cardiff (General) & Barry Pier Former 3-doll bracket semaphore assembly after removal of two dolls with arms and addition of a "Warning" arm, in conjunction with 1964 resignalling project at Barry/Barry Island Barry signal box up inner home signal (Barry Island curve) 8 22 East 17-May-64 10.19

BRY Cardiff (General) & Barry Pier Arrangement of single post signal assembly with standard 4ft arm, slotting apparatus and 16in diameter elevated disc and also track circuit indicator Barry Island West 8 65 East 02-May-64 11.22

BRY Cardiff (General) & Barry Pier Detail of new 2-doll bracket signal assembly after erection. This assembly was erected in conjunction with modifications at Barry. Controls entry to down main or up main (when single line operation in force). Unit was further replaced by a single motored starting bracket when down main was taken out of use and recovered. The view shows the "signal not yet in use" crosses on the arms Barry junction 8 19 South 17-May-64 11.02

BRY Cardiff (General) & Barry Pier Single post loop exit signal (now recovered), ground disc on left of this (shown covered up) with repeater contacts box, now later replaced previous loop exit signal shown Barry junction low level up road 8 20 South 17-Apr-64 11.00

BRY Cardiff (General) & Barry Pier Then newly commissioned 2-doll starting signal assembly (see frame bpm00907 for previous view before assembly was brought into use) Alongside former Barry carriage shed 8 20 South    

VOG Vale of Glamorgan Single post 2-arm signal assembly: up starting for Barry Sidings and up distant (fixed at caution) for Barry junction. Afterwards recovered due to re-signalling arrangements Barry Sidings 0 37 East 17-Apr-64 10.53

BRY Cardiff (General) & Barry Pier Straight post signal assembly with standard single ground signal alongside. Alterations to point rodding & detection were under way at time of photograph Barry Island East signal box 8 73 West 02-May-64 11.35

BRY Cardiff (General) & Barry Pier Rear view of 4-doll bracket signal assembly with slotted down main home & Western Region pattern "call-on" arm. This photo has been replaced by an enhanced version 68 Barry station 8 00 West 17-Apr-64 10.43

BRY Cardiff (General) & Barry Pier 2-doll bracket signal assembly with standard Western Region 4ft arms and also 2ft "call-on" arms (see bpm00914 for modification to this assembly) Platform 2, Barry Island station 9 00 East 02-May-64 11.25

BRY Cardiff (General) & Barry Pier Modified 2-doll bracket signal assembly (see bpm00913) Platform 2, Barry Island station 9 00 East 09-May-64 12.33

MLN Paddington & Swindon (Main Line) Two arm backing signal assembly on straight post with track circuit indicator Swindon station, east end ~77 18 West 29-Feb-64 15.05

BRY Cardiff (General) & Barry Pier Straight post signal assembly with "call-on" arm and route indicator Barry station 8 12 West    

BRY Cardiff (General) & Barry Pier Arrangement of GW pattern route indicating signal assembly (now recovered due to modernisation arrangements at Barry). Originally, this assembly bore five separate arms. The former ramp line connecting the high level lines to the locoshed lower track levels, passed to the right of the handrail posts seen Barry (former) motive power depôt 8 13 West 11-Apr-64 10.50

BRY Cardiff (General) & Barry Pier 2-arm straight post signal assembly with permanent caution & motored starting signal Barry Island viaduct, west end 8 49 East    

BRY Cadoxton South junction & Trehafod junction 3-doll bracket signal assembly (redundant): main to down sidings, main with fixed 'caution' arm, main to up sidings Cadoxton North ~0 50 North 22-Feb-64 13.50

BRY Cardiff (General) & Barry Pier 3-doll bracket signal with "Call-on" arms. This was later modified and the right-hand doll took the highest arm and the Call-on arms were removed Barry Island West 8 56 West    

LED Ledbury Stop semaphore straight post assembly with "Call on" arm and track-circuit diamond (up starter on Ledbury branch) Single-line junction is beyond bridge Over junction west of Gloucester ~0 10 SE 16-Jul-64 15.02

SWM Severn Tunnel junction & Fishguard Harbour 3-doll bracket semaphore with worked (motored) and fixed distant arms and relief line arm West of Bridgend station platforms 190 53 SE 20-Jun-64 14.04

VOG Vale of Glamorgan Arrangement of 3-doll bracket signal assembly (Up homes) with repeating apparatus powered at signal. This assembly was removed due to the abolition of Barry Sidings signal box Overbridge, east of Porthkerry No.1 tunnel 0 47 North 17-Apr-64 13.45

SWM Swindon & Reading Stop & motored distant signals with modified distant arm arranged to give 3ft arm length Swindon station 77 19 SE 19-Feb-64 15.15

VOG Vale of Glamorgan Close up of semaphore motor on Barry Sidings down relief advanced starting signal Former Barry Sidings ~0 40 SE    


BRY Cardiff (General) & Barry Pier Arrangement of three, two-arm bracket signal assemblies (all arms repeated in signal box and repeaters powered at signal end and not in signal box) Cadoxton Low Level junction 6 25 SW    

BRY Cardiff (General) & Barry Pier Arrangement of starting signals (Right-hand assembly replaced similar bracket assembly to other two in 1963). All these were repeated & powered at signals (see battery box on right hand of post) Cadoxton Low Level junction 6 25 SW    

BRY Cardiff (General) & Barry Pier 2-doll bracket signal assembly with elevated discs (16" dia pattern) and track circuit indicators Barry Island station, platform Nos.3 & 4 8 67 East 02-May-64 11.20

BRY Cardiff (General) & Barry Pier GWR 3-doll wooden bracket signal (inner homes) with route-indicating backing signal Cadoxton station 6 09 South    


VOG Vale of Glamorgan Arrangement of partly-constructed 3-doll bracket signal (new down 'homes' signals Aberthaw East) erected in conjunction with re-signalling arrangements for Leys power station). The ruins of the old Aberthaw lime works are also to be seen East of Aberthaw station 4 58 NE 1958?  

VOG Vale of Glamorgan Arrangement of new 3-doll bracket assembly erected in conjunction with re-signalling at Aberthaw and showing line clear to down relief. Note the superelevation of the tracks East of Aberthaw station 4 58 East Jan-63 11.30

VOG Vale of Glamorgan 2-arm straight post signal assembly. This is now recovered due to abolition of Aberthaw West box, i.e. re-signalling arrangements for Aberthaw Power station Aberthaw East 5 18 SE 1959  

BRY Cardiff (General) & Barry Pier 3-doll bracket signal assembly with "call-on" arms (up starting signals). The highest arm refers to the up main platform line. The centre and left apply to the bay platform. A backing signal is seen adjacent to this assembly on the right. The connection from the bay platform line to the ramp up to the stores wharf is also to be seen. It is interesting to note that all movements of rolling stock to and from the sidings on the left, had to be performed by traversing part of the ramp to the engineering stores but a further crossover is just perceptable along the ramp and this connected the up main line Barry signal box 8 07 South    

VOG Vale of Glamorgan 2-doll two-line starting bracket signal assembly. Only the right-hand doll and arm survives (2006) and the loop (platform line) seen, has long since been lifted Aberthaw station 5 00 West    

VOG Vale of Glamorgan Installation of new down main advanced starting signals in conjunction with modernisation at Aberthaw East signal box for CEGB reception facilities & Aberthaw (Leys) power station. The "Not yet in use" crosses are attached to each arm. Aberthaw 5 24 South Jan-63 13.30

VOG Vale of Glamorgan East end new double junction and new "starting" signal not yet in use and showing double-throw trap points. In later years, the junction was singled and thus the track layoput was re-modelled. East of Aberthaw station 4 66 NW    

SAW Berkeley Road & Speech House Road (Including Coleford branch) Detail of Coleford junction viewed from the north and showing sidings and right-hand branch to Coleford. Note the presence of a fouling bar this side of the point blades. Note the point operation rodding and cranks and the reduced height signal box Coleford junction (SAW) 12 72 NW 12-Sep-64 14.25

Cardiff (Bute Road) & Merthyr  /   Cardiff & Pontypridd 3-doll bracket signal with "Call-on" arm, subsidiary arm and permanent caution arm PC & N junction, Pontypridd 12
SE 31-May-64 11.06

SWM Didcot & Reading Arrangement of two doll (suspended) bracket signal arranged to comply with sighting requirements Goring & Streatley ~44 56 North 18-Apr-64 18.00

VOG Vale of Glamorgan Modified 2-doll bracket signal assembly which became inner home signal for Barry station signal box after 1964 rationalisation. (Up goods line had already been lifted from Barry Sidings fan). The goods homes bracket assembly is seen lying on the ballast Ship Hill road overbridge west of Barry junction 0 08 NE    

BRY Cardiff (General) & Barry Pier Two arm straight post signal assemblies, 3ft left hand arms, 4ft right hand arms. Distant motored but "fixed" at caution. See bpm00944 for modified arrangements Barry Carriage sheds 8 21   06-Feb-64 13.20

BRY Cardiff (General) & Barry Pier View of Barry junction and signal box from out-of-use carriage shed roads Barry Carriage sheds ~8 22      

SAW Berkeley Road & Speech House Road (Including Coleford branch) Arrangement of reduced height, 3-doll bracket assembly with loop entrance arm (down homes). 3ft arm loop circle had fallen away at time of photo’ Coleford junction (SAW) 12 73.5 North 12-Sep-64 14.17

SAW Berkeley Road & Speech House Road (Including Coleford branch) Arrangement (rear) of reduced height 3-doll bracket assembly with 3ft loop entrance arm (Up homes assembly) Coleford junction (SAW) 12 73 South 12-Sep-64 14.25

BRY Cardiff (General) & Barry Pier 3-doll bracket semaphore with elevated disc Barry junction 8 14.5 NE    

BRY Cardiff (General) & Barry Pier Arrangement of 3-doll bracket signal assembly with elevated disc & speed restriction indicator (See bpm00949 for modification to this assembly) Barry station   14.5 East 17-Apr-64 10.37

BRY Cardiff (General) & Barry Pier 3-doll starting bracket signal assembly with major track alterations taking place to the rear (Removal of former 2-line junction from Barry Sidings. Barry station 8 14.5 NE    

BRY Cardiff (General) & Barry Pier Part-modified 3-doll bracket signal assembly with "call-on" arm (Up starters for Barry signal box) now replaced by three-aspect electric signal (see behind 3-doll assembly) Barry signal box     SW    


Photos 901-950


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