Welcome to Trackbed.com. The aim of this site is to provide the most comprehensive historical database on the web of everything that made Britain's Railways so unique & special.

The current index on the left lists all known British Railway companies under either the "Big Four" as Heritage and Other. There will also be a photo gallery consisting of literally thousands of location photos taken by Brian Mills. What is particularly special about these photos is that most of these photos are in a "then and now" set taken over 40 years from identical locations whenever possible. Over 3000 Sample photos now online. Please see example page detailing Tonteg Junction.

A major overhaul of the photo database is underway after a huge amount of work has been done over the past few years. Many of the photos have been re-scanned, cleaned up and many more added. It had also become evident that there were many duplicates and have therefore been eliminated. It has been necessary to renumber some of the images but all appropriate information has been posted against each photo to aid identification.

I will be gradually updating these pages in the coming months so please be patient as this work is being carried out.

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