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My interest in historical cartography is closely linked to railways in that I am fascinated with the intricate detail the Architects and Designers went to in their Engineering creations. Many of the maps I have collected are quite rare and in a poor condition so I have set myself the task of redrawing them in AutoCAD by "tracing" over a scanned image. Examples of which are my drawings of North Wales, South Wales, Barry Railway 1901 & Isle Of Wight, at the it was fast becoming the biggest coal exporter in the world. The record year in fact was 1913 where The Barry Dock made the largest contribution to the 225 million tons of steam coal extracted around the UK that year.

My particular interest in railways is not the trains (although I do enjoy a trip on any of the preserved lines in the UK) but in the infrastructure that made up the system such as the impressive viaducts, embankments and tunnels, the beautiful architecture of the stations and bridges.

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