The Welsh Highland Railway (Caernarfon)

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The Welsh Highland Railway (Caernarfon) was setup by the Ffestiniog Railway to start reconstruction of the old Welsh Highland Railway from Caernarfon in the north. This page is where I will be posting all the latest news, photos and maps during the reconstruction from the north whilst any developments from the South will be posted on the Welsh Highland Railway (Portmadoc) page.

At present I am drawing an accurate map of the entire route based on the original surveyed maps. I plan to put as much detail as possible into the drawing over the coming months so please be patient. You can take a look at my early efforts on this link. I have done a simple trace of the route itself so far but I hope to concentrate on one map section at a time and then upload it to my site so as not too get disheartened with the sheer magnitude of work involved. The eventual result will be an interactive map that you can zoom into with infinite detail and pan along the line.

If you would like to be sent updates when any sections of map are updated please send me a note.

The company has its own Welsh Highland Railway Project website by Ben Fisher with the official supporters group Welsh Highland Railway Society with their own and the Welsh Highland Railway (Portmadoc) website maintained by Richard Beton.

Other good sites out there are by Nick Lewis, Mark Herbert, Andy Goodwin and a very good Construction News site maintained by Barrie Hughes. The mapping project that I am developing is in conjunction with Steve Harris who currently maintains a site dedicated to large scale maps of the route. Also worth checking up on occasionally is the DejaNews bulletin board & the LocoWatch new site.